C2O: Casinomeister’s Second Opinion!

Casinomeister’s Second Opinion (“C2O”) is a button you can add to your browser and use when you visit a casino website. Simply add it (as described below) and whenever you come across a casino and you would like the Meister’s opinion, just click the button! If it’s in the database, voila, you get an opinion! If it’s not, you can ask…simples!

C2O is a free service to everyone: it doesn’t use cookies or install any software and it takes just a few seconds to set up. If you are interested in the technology C2O uses, you can read the “techie” info below if you feel so inclined! There is also a dedicated C2O forum thread if you have any questions.

Techie Info

The C2O button itself is basically a “bookmarklet”, a small piece of javascript code that can be placed on a toolbar in pretty much any browser and calls up a web-based application. Thus, the code it references is simply a mix of HTML, PHP and Javascript, technologies that are specifically used to build websites and web-based applications.

Clicking the C2O bookmarklet passes the URL of the website you are browsing to a PHP script on the Meister server which, in turn, searches the accredited and rogue casinos databases for casinos and information, returning the results in a formatted HTML webpage. On the surface, it’s all pretty simple and that’s why there is no software to be installed: it’s a web-based application called from your browser toolbar.



Step 1 of 2: Enter your Casinomeister username in the box below. It will accept an alternative name but you will just have basic watered down functionality - you don't want that (oh... and make sure the spelling/case matches your forum username exactly because it doesn't cross-check!)

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Step 2 of 2: Add the C2O widget to your browser toolbar

That's it! You're done! You should see a button on your browser toolbar labelled "Casinomeister 2nd Opinion".

How to delete, rename C2O etc »

To delete the C2O button & start over:

If you made a mistake on your username or you wish to re-install the C2O button for any reason, this is what you do:
  1. Right-click on the Casinomeister 2nd Opinion button on your toolbar, and choose 'Delete' *
* Techie-oriented bods can choose 'Properties' instead and edit the link manually but if you break it, tough!
* If you decide to delete the C2O button for good, it won't leave anything on your computer.

To rename the C2O button:

Right-click on the Casinomeister's 2nd Opinion button in your toolbar and select "Rename" or "Edit".