Gambling in Australia

State and Territory Regulatory Authorities and Policies

Much like the US, the states and territories need to abide by their central or federal government regulations, yet they have a sense of autonomy. Each state has its own laws, limits and regulations pertaining to online gambling – or gambling for that matter.

The traditional casino games (roulette and traditional table games, slots [pokies], video poker, and poker) are pretty much out of the question. So far the Aussies have not figured out how to properly regulate these casino games that the EU, UK, and 8% of the US has already done.

According to the Australian Gambling Research Centre (AGRC), an estimated 6.8 million Australians are regular gamblers, this is nearly a third of their population of 24 million. The study went further describing the demographic of older punters who are more than likely to be spending around AUD 1300 per year on gambling on average – poker players spending more than scratch card players.
More on this here: 6.8 Million Australians Gamble Regularly

Australian Capital Territory

The ACT Racing and Gambling Commission is an independent statutory authority responsible for controlling and regulating all gaming, racing and betting activities in the ACT to ensure they are conducted honestly, with integrity and free from criminal influence. It has a comprehensive website with pages on legislation, interactive gambling, problem gambling, a gaming industry Code of Conduct, the casino, gaming machines and other forms of betting. More information here: Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

The NSW Department of Gaming and Racing is responsible for the proper conduct and balanced development of the gaming, racing, liquor and charity industries in NSW. Its website has pages on responsible gambling, legislation and other matters.

The NSW Casino Control Authority licenses and supervises the operations of the casino. More information here: New South Wales

Northern Territory

The Racing and Gaming Authority administers gambling legislation in the NT. The NT Gaming Machine Commission is responsible for licensing gaming machines. Neither body has a website, although information on their operations is available from the Annual Report of the Authority. More information here: Northern Territory


The Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation regulates machine gaming, casinos, art unions, lotteries and keno in Queensland. It has a comprehensive website pages dealing with topical issues, legislation, statistics, information on interactive gambling and other policy matters. More information here: Queensland

South Australia

The Gaming Supervisory Authority is responsible for ensuring that there is effective supervision of the operations of casino and gaming machine licensees in SA. It is the function of the Office of the Liquor and Gaming Commissioner to provide the supervision of licencees. More information here: South Australia


The Tasmanian Gaming Commission regulates and controls gaming in Tasmania. It is an independent statutory authority but receives operational support from the Gaming Operations Branch of the Tasmanian Department of Treasury and Finance. More information here: Tasmania


The Victorian Casino and Gaming Authority regulates and monitors Victoria’s gambling activities. It has a comprehensive website with sections for legislation and policy, research, frequently asked questions, media releases, licensing and other matters. More information here: Victoria.

On 1 March 2000 the Minister for Gaming released for public comment Responsible Gaming: A Consultation Paper. The paper outlines proposed legislation and seeks input into the process of regulating the industry.

Western Australia

The Office of Racing, Gaming and Liquor administers WA legislation dealing with these areas and carries out many of the operational functions of the Gaming Commission, more information here: Western Australia.